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Exchange Marionette DEBUG and TRACE output lines


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Observing log files from Marionette whether if those are created through Marionette client or geckodriver always show way more debug output than tracing output. This is especially happening due to all the navigation requests, and logging the received events.

In Marionette we only have the actual request and response logged as trace output whereby this is done as debug output in geckodriver. Making it the same for Marionette would synchronize both components, and play nicer together.

Note that also the formerly but now removed marionette related log entries from geckodriver were at debug level. Those were equal to the Marionette server ones.

In the near future we will add more logging for events, observers, and messages. That means we will even get more of those lines in the output!

I really don't want to spam log for users of geckodriver with all of that, and still would keep a healthy debug level. In TRACE we can trash everything what we need for investigations.

I talked with Andreas about that already yesterday, and you seemed to be a bit reserved. Maybe the reasoning from above makes describes it better now.
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I just made those changes and pushed a try build:

I will replace the needinfo with a review request.
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The debug output is currently kinda polluted with received events
and observer notifications lines. Which first are not usually
needed by anyone beside us, but also adds little value in
having trace output, because that mainly would only add the
command and response messages.

To make debug output more helpful for our users the command
and response messages should appear here and not in trace.

But all the additional log output lines as mentioned above
we usually make use of for investigating problems should
be trace only.

Also a lot of existing debug output will remain unchanged.
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[marionette] Have a better granularity between DEBUG and TRACE logging output. r=ato
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