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The 'matches' option for actors should be able to be made dynamic


(Toolkit :: Async Tooling, enhancement)

Not set




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In bug 1505411, we've created a new SearchTelemetryChild actor for telemetry relating to certain pages.

At the moment, it is loaded into all child processes, even though it only applies to a few sites.

It would be useful if we could have "matches" as a dynamic option, as for the search telemetry, we may be dynamically updating the data, or not have the full data when we first update.
Priority: -- → P3
In hope of finding a more appropriate component, I have set this bug's component as (Toolkit) Telemetry, since it's related to Telemetry. Seems a better choice than the component of its regression bug, (Firefox) Search. 

Furthermore, this issue only affects firefox65 since it's caused by a recent push to mozilla central, right?

Thank you for your contribution!
Component: General → Telemetry
Component: Telemetry → Async Tooling
Priority: P3 → --
Moving to Async Tooling as an Actor feature request. Though :mconley points out we might have something that might work?
Flags: needinfo?(standard8)
That unfortunately winner work - it is hard coded and defined on startup. We need something that could be set at a point where we can read stored remote settings and potentially part way through a session.
Flags: needinfo?(standard8)
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