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JS classes with handleEvent method cannot be added as EventListener through SpecialPowers


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I have a JS class with a "handleEvent(aEvent)" method defined on it, i.e. something like
> class Foo {
>   constructor(bar, baz) {
>     this.eventCount = 0;
>   }
>   handleEvent(aEvent) {
>     this.eventCount++;
>   }
> }

If I register an instance of that class via plain EventTarget.addEventListener() as usual, everything works fine.
However if I use e.g. SpecialPowers.addSystemEventListener() instead, instead of receiving the events I got some error messages in the console along the lines of "property 'handleEvent' not callable", or some words to that effect.

As a workaround, I'm currently assigning the function to a property in the constructor instead, i.e. like
> constructor(bar, baz) {
>   this.handleEvent = (aEvent) => {
>     this.eventCount++;
>   }
> }
... and then explicitly passing fooInstance.handleEvent (respectively this.handleEvent when registering from within the class itself). Or I could omit the property definition in comment 0 and then use this.handleEvent.bind(this).

If I only pass a reference to the class instance object itself, with the expectation that its handleEvent method will be implicitly called, then
a) if handleEvent is defined as a method, I get
> JavaScript Error: "TypeError: Property 'handleEvent' is not callable."
b) if handleEvent is defined as a function assigned to a property, I get
> JavaScript Warning: "XrayWrapper denied access to property "handleEvent" (reason: value is callable). See for more information. Note that only the first denied property access from a given global object will be reported."
> JavaScript Error: "TypeError: Property 'handleEvent' is not callable."
Severity: normal → S3
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