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[meta] Audit page performance issues


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Several things can have a big impact in a page's performance. Those things mainly boil down to these three:

* Network speed
* Layouting
* JavaScript execution

So there should be a performance audit that identifies any bottlenecks and gives hint for how to fix them.
Thank you for filing this, and yes, it is certainly a complex problem.

We've had discussions about this feature but we have not planned it yet as far as I'm aware. CC:ing Harald to see if he can add any further info right now :-)
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I've just finally took action after I got the go from J. Ryan in bug 1415357 comment 2.

Personally, I think performance auditing, and page auditing in general, is very important for web developers to have and a big advantage the Chrome DevTools currently have over the Firefox DevTools.

Sure, it's a complex problem. And this bug is just the meta-bug for collecting all the different performance audits one can think of.

I've already gathered a bunch of smaller tasks, for which I could file bugs. Just let me know whether I should continue and file them as blockers for this one.

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Summary: Audit page performance issues → [meta] Audit page performance issues
If you want to experiment with this, I recommend writing a web-extension so that we can iterate it off the train and expand it.

As sole said, there are no immediate plans to work on audits ourselves but there are considerations for 2019:

1. We want to avoid writing another audit that duplicates rules from other audits. There are existing audits that we are either
  a) well integrated and just need to be made more visible to users (like aXe, Observatory, maybe others) or
  b) are opportunities to integrate with Firefox (like webhint, Snyk and, longer term, Lighthouse) . We are in touch with those teams.
2. An Audits tab is probably not the primary place that users need, whereas in-context hints expose insights at the right time and place (like CSS audits in the inspector).
3. We want to focus on a set of core issues that users struggle with most; highest up is currently auditing cross-browser capabilities/issues.

If you want to work on performance auditing, I'd recommend thinking about how the Network panel can give smarter insights; because that is where most performance investigations are happening atm and would have the highest impact. Happy to collaborate on collecting ideas, converging on a plan and potentially running some user research; as this can inform our Audit-integration roadmap.
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The meta keyword is there, the bug doesn't depend on other bugs and there is no activity for 12 months.
:Honza, maybe it's time to close this bug?

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I am closing this meta due to inactivity.

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