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Don't record build telemetry for `mach clang-format` when invoking it via hg


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clang-format currently shows up as the #1 most-used mach command:

Our intent is to only capture mach commands that are actually invoked by a user. We added some checks to deal with recursive mach invocations to keep those out of telemetry, but having `mach clang-format` get invoked from inside hg is adding a lot of noise here. We should figure out a sensible way to stop recording telemetry for this command in this situation.

Someone suggested that we ought to not record telemetry when we don't detect a terminal, but that would mean we wouldn't record telemetry when someone runs mach and pipes the output to a file. It might be simpler to just make the hg-formatsource extension set a magic environment variable. We don't have one for this purpose right now but we could add one here:
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I'm gonna take care of this, :ted I think your idea of having an env variable setup by the extension when it invokes 'mach clang-format' is the way to do it. It's easy to implement and straight forward.
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Don't collect build telemetry when 'mach' is ran from hg format-source. r=sheehan
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extensions: format-source should disable the 'mach' telemetry for the commands that it triggers. r=sheehan
Closed: 10 months ago
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