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Track changes - \\characters are not properly picked up by the changes tab


(DevTools :: Inspector: Changes, defect, P3)

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[Affected versions]:
- Win10x64, Ubuntu 16.04 x64, macOS10.13.6

[Affected platforms]:
- 66.0a1 (2018-12-10), 65.0a1 (2018-12-07)  

[Steps to reproduce]:
1. Launch Firefox, navigate to a random webpage ex.
2. Open the devTools inspector, swap to the Changes tab;
3. For any property change the value to:   \\

[Expected result]:
- In the changes section the displayed change is:  \\  

[Actual result]: 
- The value is changed to:  \;

[Regression range]:
- introduced with bug 1508748;

[Additional notes]:
- attached recording with the issue;
- Preference: devtools.inspector.changes.enabled - true | if the Changes tab not enabled
Attached image devT_changesSLASHS.png
Attached screenshot with the issue
One more note would be that on some cases only one line was displayed in the css rules section after pressing the Enter key.
Leaving this here since I'm still trying to check for consistent STR for it.
Sounds like somewhere we have a character escape sequence decode happening, probably the event transport.
Priority: -- → P3
Adding a few extra infos in this bug since they might be linked to the same cause.
This issue might not be limited to just the values, it passes to the properties as well.

Several undefined characters are also picked up in an unexpected manner:
- adding undefined properties in the style panel, forces the \ character in front of the newly added property in the inspector section;
- adding 2 undefined characters are forcing the add/remove lines, for each one.
Has Regression Range: --- → yes
Component: Inspector: Rules → Inspector: Changes
See Also: → 1529419
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