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Stop using target.form outside of Target class


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When we are going to merge Target with its retated fronts, it is going to inherit from Front class, which also implement a "form" method. It will collide with existing form attribute of Target.

We are still using Target's form attribute outside of Target class, but we should really stop doing that. Form should be a private of target. We should instead use getFront to instantiate fronts or for the couple of old fashion client, use custom methods on Target to create them out of the form (Target.attach does a bit of that already).
This will help getting rid of another usage of Target.form.
And also helps instantiating only one WebConsole client.
Once WebConsole becomes a front, we can replace all the target.activeTab
to target.getFront("console").
Depends on D14278
Assignee: nobody → poirot.alex
Depends on: 1514819
Summary: Stop using target.form outside outside of Target class → Stop using target.form outside of Target class
Pushed by
Always use Target's WebConsoleClient instead of trying to instantiate it manually. r=yulia,nchevobbe
Get rid of all target.form usages. r=yulia,nchevobbe
Convert the last manually instantiated fronts to target.getFront. r=yulia
Remove now-unused form argument from Target. r=yulia
Depends on: 1516250
Depends on: 1516408
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