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Update Debugger Frontend v108


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(firefox66 fixed)

Firefox 66
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firefox66 --- fixed


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I'm trying a slightly different strategy. Here we have one patch that is squashed - it is backed though by this github branch...

when the patch is green, i can easily push the underlying branch. Not sure which i like better yet though...
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Forgot to update README but R+ for functionality.  Do you have a try link?
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Pushed by
[release 108] Remove 4px gap between the source file name and the primary pane separator (#7421). r=davidwalsh
[release 108] Fix 7361 - Why Paused should wrap (#7422). r=davidwalsh
[release 108] Fix tab context menu item size checks (#7420). r=davidwalsh
[release 108] Immediately render column breakpoints before scroll (#7380). r=davidwalsh
[release 108] Allow closing source tabs via keyboard (#7417). r=davidwalsh
[release 108] 7283/fix :formatted showing in tabs/breakpoints sidebar (#7298). r=davidwalsh
[release 108] Provide conditional comment styling (#7377). r=davidwalsh
[release 108] Float cursor position to the right (#7423). r=davidwalsh
[release 108] Prevent the breakpoint exception labels from being highlighted (#7428). r=davidwalsh
[release 108] Avoid text selection in welcome bbox modal (#7436). r=davidwalsh
[release 108] Make empty lines line number lighter (#7415). r=davidwalsh
Update Debugger Frontend v108. r=dwalsh
Blocks: 1514339
No longer blocks: 1514339
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