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Change capitalization for titles in about:addons


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firefox66 --- fixed


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The new titles in about:addons (Manage your {tab-name}) are not following the photon capitalization style (

Extensions tab

current: Manage your themes
desidered: Manage Your Themes


Themes tab

current: Manage your extensions
desidered: Manage Your Extensions


Plugin tab

current: Manage your plugins
desidered: Manage Your Plugins


Dictionaries tab

current: Manage your dictionaries
desidered: Manage Your Dictionaries


Languages tab

current: Manage your languages
desidered: Manage Your Languages
Are you wanting this for 66 or should we just use the new capitalization in the HTML version?
Flags: needinfo?(emanuela)
Flags: needinfo?(emanuela) → needinfo?(mwalkington)
Hm, I'm afraid I don't know the answer to Mark's question. My response would just be: we should update to title case when we can/whatever is sooner - 66 or HTML version.
Flags: needinfo?(mwalkington)
Assignee: mstriemer → nobody
Mentor: mstriemer
Keywords: good-first-bug
Priority: -- → P3
I would like to work on this.
The request seems very straightforward.
(In reply to Mark Striemer [:mstriemer] from comment #3)
> The heading string is pulled in extensions.js [1]. Changing the string will
> require changing the key

No need for the new string IDs to change capitalization
So the docs say to add the checkin-needed tag, but I do not seem to be able to do this, or cannot find the place to do it. Could someone please advise?
tobias, sorry this wasn't documented better, you need to click "Edit Bug" in the upper right corner, then find the "Keywords" section and enter "checkin-needed", then submit the change.
Let us know if you have any trouble, and thanks for your contribution!
Hey, I actually just hit the button to land it in phabricator. It should make it's way to Nightly for tomorrow.

Thanks for your contribution!
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Change capitalization for titles in about:addons r=mstriemer,aswan
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