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[wpt-sync] Sync PR 14541 - WIP: Async Clipboard ReadImage/WriteImage prototype.


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Sync web-platform-tests PR 14541 into mozilla-central (this bug is closed when the sync is complete).

Details from upstream follow.

Darwin Huang <> wrote:
>  WIP: Async Clipboard ReadImage/WriteImage prototype.
>  API Goal:
>  - Async Clipboard functionality to ReadImage() and WriteImage()
>  - JS side will send Blobs with MIME type "image/png"
>  - Images will be "safe", as we'll re-encode to strip potentially dangerous
>  metadata and protect from arbitrary code execution. Only image types
>  supported by the Skia library will be supported for this initial POC.
>  - First release into experimental with this ReadImage()/WriteImage()
>  - Later integrate into Read()/Write() and remove ReadImage()/WriteImage()
>  Features:
>  - FileReader used to read Blobs asynchronously.
>  - Image Decoding on a separate thread.
>  - Image read/write accomplished, where Images are represented by Blobs holding
>  MIME type "image/png"
>  - Manual test requires user to copy the green image and then refresh.
>  Future work:
>  - Image encoding on a separate thread as well.
>  - Simplify and determine what code runs on which threads.
>  - Move PNGCodec off of async clipboard area?
>  - Improve test to be automatic instead of manual, and to not require user copy.
>  - Consider use of ImageBitmapFactory increased types available for accessing the
>  async clipboard, and reduction in potentially duplicate code, at the cost of
>  a potential for increased complexity.
>  Bug: 150835
>  Change-Id: I4380116642b4720bb9773185eb2e28757688c5ec
>  Reviewed-on:
>  WPT-Export-Revision: 862cd3859300a53b0e25174ea97896a9e301efda
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[wpt PR 14541] - Async Clipboard: ReadImageExperimental/WriteImageExperimental, a=testonly
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[wpt PR 14541] - Async Clipboard: ReadImageExperimental/WriteImageExperimental, a=testonly
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