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Decide what to do with currently-failing console monitoring tests in parent-intercept mode


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See [1] for an example of this failing. The problem is that the mochitest (in this case test_error_reporting.html runs in a content process and we've moved the service worker into the parent process. Therefore, the console listener (which listens in the content process) doesn't see the console messages being logged in the parent process and we fail the test.

One thing that could just fix this magically would be Perry's work to move the service workers back down into the content process. I believe that, by default, we'll be using the caller process by default, so the test will live in the same process as the service worker. However, if we ever decide to change that strategy (or one day move to a dedicated service worker process), this will break again.

One option would be to create a console listener that listens in all processes (i.e. when it's created, it would add listeners in all processes that would send all console messages up to a listener in the parent).

What do people think?

Priority: -- → P3
I spoke with asuth this morning and we decided that it's probably good enough to let Perry's patch push the service worker down into the originating process, so we don't need to do anything in the short term.
Blocks: ServiceWorkers-e10s
No longer blocks: 1462460
Severity: normal → S3
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