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Add option to output both supplementary data (i.e. power) and the regular Raptor test result


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Bug 1473997 lands the ability for Raptor to output supplementary data that was measured alongside Raptor tests (i.e. power data).

Currently for now, to get this landed, when supplementary/power data is gathered, ONLY that data will be dumped to Perferder - and the regular Raptor test that was ran (i.e. speedometer) results will not be output for Perfherder.

Add an option in the Raptor test INI to indicate that both the supplementary data AND Raptor test results should be output to Perfherder. The functionality is already there in Bug 1473997 to dump out two separate PERFHERDER_DATA json blobs, one for the Raptor test and one for the supplementary data.
Priority: -- → P3

:sparky can you confirm if this has been resolved by the work on mozproxy stats?

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We don't have an option unfortunately. The change was hardcoded in there for mozproxy metrics which is not ideal.

Flags: needinfo?(gmierz2)
Severity: normal → S3
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