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Do more squashing of WPT conditions


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The WPT conditions for things like expected-fail include all of the properties (e.g. e10s, bits) for each entry. For example:

if not debug and not webrender and e10s and (os == "mac") and (version == "OS X 10.10.5") and (processor == "x86_64") and (bits == 64): PASS
if debug and not webrender and e10s and (os == "mac") and (version == "OS X 10.10.5") and (processor == "x86_64") and (bits == 64): PASS

In this case these two lines can be squashed because one has `debug` and the other has `not debug` but they are otherwise identical.

Also these lines both have `not webrender` which is redundant because we aren't running WPT on mac with webrender at all. Version is redundant because there's only one version of mac being tested, and same for processor/bits. So really these two lines should be squashed to this:

if (os == "mac"): PASS

All of this extra goop makes it hard for humans to quickly understand what the state of the test is, and makes it hard to review changes. I filed bug 1469893 for handling this in the updater, but based on Joel's review comments on bug 1425592 and my own experience it's worth trying to do a one-time cleanup of this, because the manifest auto-updater shouldn't mess with existing entries as long as they don't contradict the new test results. So even though new tests/failure entries it adds will bring back the goop, at least we'll be in a somewhat better state.
See Also: → 1425592
See Also: → 1469893

wow, cool! :kats, can we redo the tool next week as I have some changes for an upgrade from windows 1703 -> 1803 and a patch with a lot of changes already.

Flags: needinfo?(kats)

Sure, no problem! Ping me when that's landed and I can run it again and update the patch.

Flags: needinfo?(kats)

FTR I have a version of the metadata update that generates shorter conditions by default and I have been using it for recent syncs with upstream, but it's still a little buggy. However I will hopefully land it at some point and make this better in general.

Depends on: 1522900
No longer depends on: 1522111

This removes some redundant files entirely, and drops a slew of
conditions made redundant by the test being complete disabled. In the
remaining cases, the clauses filtering on Windows 10.0.15063 are dropped
since we aren't running on that Windows version any more.

Pushed by
Manually remove remaining windows version 10.0.15063 clauses. r=jmaher
Squash a lot of redundant WPT clauses. r=jmaher
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