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Update Debugger Frontend v112


(DevTools :: Debugger, enhancement, P2)



(firefox66 fixed)

Firefox 66
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firefox66 --- fixed


(Reporter: jlast, Assigned: jlast)




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No longer depends on: 1515736
Assignee: nobody → jlaster
Attached patch 112-1.patchSplinter Review
Brian, it would be great if you could take a look at release 112, which includes the commits listed here

The primary things I'm looking for in the review are:

1. does this patch work well when you manually test it
2. does this patch include everything in the comparison
3. does this patch accidentally include something it shouldn't
4. does this patch accidentally revert something that landed upstream in between 111 and 112

When the patch is approved I will push the patches to inbound separately.
Attachment #9033136 - Flags: review?(bhackett1024)
Attachment #9033136 - Flags: review?(bhackett1024) → review+
Pushed by
[release 112] Option to not auto expand a node if it has a lot of children (#7510). r=bhackett
[release 112] [search] fix file img icon background on focus (#7558) (#7564). r=bhackett
[release 112] Use CSS animation for the SearchInput loader. (#7565). r=bhackett
[release 112] 7190: Save generated file and source map (#7482). r=bhackett
[release 112] Fixes flow typing support for reselect (#7573). r=bhackett
[release 112] Blackbox original sources (#7370). r=bhackett
[release 112] Enable Syntax Highlighting for ClojureScript (#7584). r=bhackett
[release 112] Breakpoint svg changed (#7586). r=bhackett
Update Debugger Frontend v112. r=bhackett
Blocks: 1516589
No longer blocks: 1516589
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