Start recording the gecko HG revision in the wr.txt file in WR captures

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Once we start pushing WR patches directly to m-c, the gfx/webrender_bindings/revision.txt file will be obsolete. However it still serves a useful function in identifying the version of code captures are generated from. It would be good to have this file contain the m-c revision or some equivalent identifier.

For now we can have it contain both the revision.txt contents, and the gecko hg revision. Once we make m-c the canonical repo, we can drop revision.txt and just keep the hg revision.

For developers using a full gecko tree it should be easy enough to just update to the indicated revision and build wrench for investigating captures. For developers using the standalone WR repo it might be a bit more of a burden but the steps to find the equivalent github revision would be (a) find the most recent m-c commit prior to the one indicated in wr.txt that touched anything in gfx/wr, and (b) look for a commit in the github repo that is the equivalent of that m-c commit. Presumably when we mirror m-c commits to github we'll include the m-c revision IDs in the github commits which will facilitate (b).
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Write the Gecko mercurial revision into captures as well. r=jrmuizel

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