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[mozdevice] _get_exitcode should handle the case in where the exitcode marker is not at EOF


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:nbp noticed in bug 1511618 comment 9 that there was an inconsistency in how was detecting the exitcode of executed shell commands on the device.

As you may recall, shell [1] appends echo rc=$? to the end of shell commands. _get_exitcode [2] the uses this sentinel to detect the exitcode of the shell command by matching the pattern rc=([0-9]+) at the end of stdout. This is necessary since adb shell does not provide us with that information.

I added some "printf" style debugging statements and found that the rc=\d sentinal was not always found at the end of the stdout from executing a shell command.

This causes intermittent failures in the jit-tests or any tests which expect a command to return a non-zero exit code.

[1] <>

[2] <>
You can see an example of rc= not at the end of stdout in a test run using the debugging prints:


This patch adds a fall back in the event that _get_exitcode does not find rc=([0-9]+) at the end of stdout to search the entirety of stdout for the pattern. Since there is a higher likelihood of finding an inappropriate match to the simple pattern rc=([0-9]+) somewhere, I've changed the sentinel to adb_returncode=([0-9]+) which should prevent accidental matches.
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[mozdevice] _get_exitcode should handle the case in where the exitcode marker is not at EOF, r=jmaher.
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