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"View in iTunes" button does not work on Nightly


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firefox66 --- fixed


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Some links that should result in the iTunes application being opened do not work on Nightly. I hit the bug on Mac Nightly 66 and did not test other platforms.

Expected result:

On the pages such as <>, clicking on the button "View in iTunes" should result in a prompt to open the iTunes application. If the user clicks through the prompt, the iTunes application should be opened.

Actual result:

Clicking on the "View in iTunes" button has no effect and the prompt is not displayed.

mozregression indicates the fix for bug 1459264 or bug 167475 introduced the problem:

  17:13.29 INFO: Last good revision: 2ee2f297c4106e017231ed67fba4034d766c942b
  17:13.29 INFO: First bad revision: c4bf214bd2e65e460fcd24a6483635c1d5cb4771
  17:13.29 INFO: Pushlog:
Blocks: 1459264
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This happens because creates an iframe and it sets its location to be: "itmss://"

I would suggest to relax the blocking of external protocol URLs in <iframe> allowing just the first one via PopupBlocker.
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Flags: needinfo?(amarchesini)
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a test would be really nice
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Attached patch part 3 - testSplinter Review
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Allow just the first external protocol URL in <iframe>, r=smaug
Expose PopupBlocker status via ChromeUtils, r=smaug
Expose PopupBlocker status via ChromeUtils - tests, r=smaug
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