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Add more JS tests for Alerts view


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We must provide 3 alert summaries: one with improvements only, one with regressions only and another one with a mix of both.

Important use cases to cover:

- selecting an alert makes the button bar visible
- reassignment & "Mark as downstream" functionality
- "Link to bug" functionality
- "File bug" redirects correctly
It would help to automate tests for all the states we have, for both alert and alerts summaries.
But given our plans from bug 1501241, which will rethink this entire mechanism and simplify it, we should limit ourselves to testing only the "Acknowledge" and "Reset" buttons.
Priority: -- → P2
Type: enhancement → task
Priority: P2 → P3
Summary: Selenium tests for Alerts view → Add more JS tests for Alerts view

We're moving away from selenium tests in favor of react-testing-library per bug 1576966.

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