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<auth> Proxy doesnt work


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Windows 98





(Reporter: Glenn.McGrath, Assigned: gagan)


Hi, im on a network that requires a proxy configuration to get outside the lan.

Under advanced setup i set the autoproxy to my proxy setup, however i cant get
outside the lan.

Under netscape communicator and ie5 a dialog box pops up where i enter my proxy
username and password, but i dont get this with mozilla M9.

Im not sure wether this feature is supposed to work yet, i tried searching for
bugs relating to proxy but found none(maybe i didnt search correctly)

Unfortunatly i cant use mozilla untill it can work with a (my networks) proxy.

This is what i get from apprunner.exe maybe the error code means something to

Doing Proxies startup...
Looking up prefwindow object...
Creating prefwindow object...
FindShortcut: in=''  out='null'
Error: Can't load: (804b0001)
Error loading URL
Document: Done (1.7 secs)
When i run ProxyTest.exe the text it spews out looks like its worked, but it
crashes, relevent info follows.
Im not familiour with how the proxy test works, so i cant judge if its a fair
test for my problem.

PROXYTEST caused an invalid page fault in
module PROXYTEST.EXE at 017f:00401228.
EAX=000000a0 CS=017f EIP=00401228 EFLGS=00010206
EBX=007d6e50 SS=0187 ESP=00c6feb0 EBP=00c6feb4
ECX=007d6e50 DS=0187 ESI=007d6560 FS=2997
EDX=00402130 ES=0187 EDI=00797440 GS=0000
Bytes at CS:EIP:
8b 08 8d 55 0c 52 68 98 30 40 00 50 ff 11 8b 45
Stack dump:
007d6e50 00c6fec8 60a8f068 007d6e50 000000a0 007d6544 00c6ff4c 60a902b2
007d6e50 00000005 00000002 007d6520 00000000 007d6540 7800355d 609a18ee

Looping for events.
Spawn Threads:
        Thread (0) spawned
ProxyObjectManager: 797630
All Threads Spawned.

Wait for threads.
Thread (0) Join...
Deleting real Object (0)
Deleting real Object 2 (0)
Thread (0) Prior to calling proxyObject->Test.
Thread (1621684224) Test Called successfully! Party on...
Thread (0) error: 0.
Thread (0) Prior to calling proxyObject->Test2.
The quick brown netscape jumped over the old lazy ie..
Thread (0) error: 0.
Thread (0) Prior to calling proxyObject2->Test.
Thread (0) nsTestXPCFoo2::Test2() called successfully! Party on...
Thread (0) proxyObject2 error: 0.
Thread (0) Prior to calling proxyObject2->Test2.
nsTestXPCFoo2::Test2() called
Thread (0) proxyObject2 error: 0.
Deleting Proxy Object (0)
Deleting Proxy Object 2 (0)
The quick brown netscape jumped over the old lazy ie..
Thread (1) Test Called successfully! Party on...

sorry if this is the wrong bug. I can connect through a proxy set up using
workaround in bug#8559. However, viewer.exe still won't work, only apprunner. I
can open apprunner when viewer has failed and it amkes a connection jsut fine.
Vier returns this:
Error: Can't Load: (804b000d)
Closed: 20 years ago
Resolution: --- → INVALID
viewer doesn't have proxy configurations set up since they come from
preferences. BTW proxytest is not a test for HTTP Proxies its for proxy events
across different threads. Marking this bug invalid then...
Please note original description as posted by  This is
the correct problem description, and it is a bug for me as well.  Viewer and
proxytest are not part of the problem.
Resolution: INVALID → ---
Clearing INVALID resolution due to reopen of this bug.
Closed: 20 years ago20 years ago
Resolution: --- → DUPLICATE
ok thats a dup then...

*** This bug has been marked as a duplicate of 15927 ***
Bulk move of all Networking-Core (to be deleted component) bugs to new
Networking component.
verified duplicate - 12/22/99
fixed summary (autoproxy is completely different!)
Summary: Auto Proxy doesnt work → <auth> Proxy doesnt work
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