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Cleanup CONTENT_FRAME_TIME recording and try to record the same data for WR and non-WR where possible


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We currently implement all the code for CFT twice, and do slightly different things for each.

We should share code, and try to do the same as much as possible.
This shouldn't change any behaviour, just puts the code into a separate function so that it's easier to follow.
This also results in us getting the CONTENT_FRAME_TIME profiler markers added for non-WR.

Depends on D15794
We're switching to prefering the vsync version, so making these diagnostic equivalents use that timing should be more useful.
I think leaving the profiler marker (which uses ms, not vsync%) showing just the graphics component still makes sense.

Depends on D15795
This will let us get the MissedCompositeLow/Mid/Long variants in the CFT_REASON telemetry output.

Depends on D15796
Pushed by
Move CONTENT_FRAME_TIME calculation code into CompositorBridgeParent. r=jrmuizel
Use shared CONTENT_FRAME_TIME calculation for non-WebRender. r=jrmuizel
Record SVG and UPLOAD specific variants of CONTENT_FRAME_TIME using the vsync based timings. r=jrmuizel
Pass FULL_PAINT_TIME value to CONTENT_FRAME_TIME calculation for non-WR. r=jrmuizel
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