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Remove some WPT white lists for LSan


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I think some of the leaks whitelisted for LSan in WPT aren't needed any more, based on a little try testing. I can try removing some of these and see if they work out.

Can I remove any instances where the lsan-allowed fields are empty? There are quite a few of those. It looks like there's code to remove empty properties, so maybe this just creeped into the files at some point and those manifests weren't ever updated?

Flags: needinfo?(james)

Sure. I guess it doesn't understand that an empty list is equivalent to no property in this case.

Flags: needinfo?(james)

I wrote a little script to clean up the ini files for directories that didn't seem to leak in my own try testing:

try run:

These are not needed.
This leak was fixed by bug 1467914.

Depends on D16088
I saw this intermittent leak, but it was only a single string.

Depends on D16089
This patch is alarmingly large, but I did not see any leaks in any of
these directories, even with a dozen or so retriggers. We can
whitelist stuff if there are any more intermittents I failed to catch.

Depends on D16090
Pushed by
part 1 - Remove empty lsan-allowed lists. r=jgraham
part 2 - Remove ResolveHost whitelisting. r=jgraham
part 3 - Update whitelist for fetch/api/abort. r=jgraham
part 4 - Remove many lsan-needed whitelists. r=jgraham
Depends on: 1519912
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