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Add another domain to FilterAdult


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Firefox 66
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Ping for this? If you want me to provide the exact domain name, I can send it to you privately.

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The original/current list in FilterAdult was implemented in bug 1159884 with the plain text domains available in the dependent bug 1160596. So there isn't really a need to keep the domains private -- just not directly accessible from Firefox executable / source.

There hasn't really been any criteria outside of the original bug of focusing on the high traffic sites to avoid unnecessarily growing as an exhaustive list would probably be infeasible.

So a public comment in this bug or phabricator linking to something like the following showing info…
Global Rank 188
Rank in United States 309
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Computers > Open Source > Organizations > Mozilla

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Added a comment in phabricator.

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Add another domain to FilterAdult. r=Mardak
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