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Set window handle for "switch_to_window" also as "handle"


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(firefox67 fixed)

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firefox67 --- fixed


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To get started follow the documentation at:


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To get started on bug 1301073 we have to make marionette client backward compatible by also setting the window handle as "handle" here:

The "name" property should be left-in for now to stay compatible. Best would be to also rename window_id to handle.

I would like to work on this

Hey Utkarsh, feel free to get started and let me know if you face problems which you cannot solve on your own. Make sure to check the link in the user story above for all the documentation.

Priority: -- → P3

@whimboo could you explain what needs to be done here?

As comment 0 explained there are two steps. First rename window_id to handle, and then add another handle key to the dictionary which gets passed as body.

Is someone working on this?
If not, @whimboo can I work on this? I am a a beginner and this will be my first task:)

Hi prajwalshimpi, I am still working on this.

whimboo: do I have to initialize my local repo in mozilla-central or in the repo in which I am making my bug changes (marionette_driver)?

Did you read the documentation? You would have been guided to So please clone that.

prajwalshimpi, if you are looking for a place to contribute maybe bug 1506829 would be something for you.

Could you help me with the 2nd step? I am confused on what to do

I already explained everything in detail in comment 4. If it is too hard for you it might not be the best bug for you then. Please let us know if you want to continue or not.

Could you tell me which dictionary are you referring to?

Please see the link in my original comment, which directly points to that.

The same issue we had in geckodriver and will soon be fixed by bug 1519053. Maybe someone wants to pick this up now?

:whimboo this seems quite similar to Bug 1519053. I would like to pick this up. Thanks!

Absolutely! Thanks a lot.

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Set window handle for 'switch_to_window' also as 'handle'. r=whimboo
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