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Currently we are tracking a large number of Raptor failures in bug 1499253 but do not have the ability to drill down into the separate issues due to the generic nature of the failure message:

21:52:32 INFO - raptor-main TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL: no raptor test results were found

This does not distinguish failures on different tests which may have different root causes. For example, this does not distinguish Unity Webgl (ugl) from Speedometer (sp) failures which have very different failure rates nor does it track the app which is being tested.

Since raptor could run multiple tests in a single invocation, we need to be able to track which individual test failed rather than a single overall message.

Thanks :bc, yes this can definitely be improved. For page-load tests it does report which specific page(s) timed out, at the bottom of the overall suite run. I'm sure that can be made clearer though, and ensure the same is done for all types of tests.

Priority: -- → P3

Example output:

raptor-main TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL: no raptor test results were found for raptor-speedometer-geckoview

This will allow sheriffs to distinguish the failures of different raptor tests and will enable us to focus on the particular tests which are the most problematic.

Aryx: This will mean that bug 1499253 will no longer be the go to bug for raptor failures and that we will potentially get a separate bug for each raptor test. Is that ok?

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LGTM and tried it out locally. Thanks!
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