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[remote-dbg-next] Polish style for error and warning messages


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We already display error messages when temporary addons fail to install. After Bug 1500374 we will also show warning messages if an addon has warnings (for instance unsupported properties in manifest.json).

So far, I am following the guidelines at:

We should still check the fonts, and probably get the correct photon icon for errors.

Priority: -- → P2

To add a bit more context, here is a doc with screenshots to show a bit of the thinking process and the current state:

Please feel free to reach out, if you'd like more context or have additional questions Matt!

For reference, some warnings for addons can really have a lot of text! our options here would be either:

  • crop
  • make the message scrollable
  • add a collapsible container to the error

Thanks for filing this Julian! :)

My suggestion would be to use <details>.


    Error message details

Moving this to a regular non-ux bug and moving back to P3.

In the short term the goal of this bug should be to:

  • add the appropriate icon for error messages
  • handle long error messages for addon errors, see comment 3

Other improvements related to messages:

  • links in warning messages should be buttons bug 1523295
  • messages should have an X button to dismiss them (follow up to 1520142)
Priority: P2 → P3
Summary: [remote-dbg-next] UX: Style for error and warning messages → [remote-dbg-next] Polish style for error and warning messages
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Priority: P3 → P1

The icon I used is Identity Icon Hover rotated 180° that you can find here

Is the design shown in the screenshot what we want to achieve?

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This looks good to me, thanks Ola.

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