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Rename QueryContext to UrlbarQueryContext


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Most class names start with "Urlbar", but QueryContext doesn't, so we should rename it to be consistent. Marco suggests UrlbarContext -- leaving out "Query" -- since we've added many properties to it and some aren't necessarily strictly related to a query, and the term "query" is used elsewhere and may be confusing.

I'm marking this blocking the main quantumbar bug, but maybe it's better for it to block the three model, view, and controller bugs? Feel free to change.

There are still lots of local uses of "query context" and "queryContext", and I didn't change them. In some places those terms still makes sense because the code is clearly dealing with a query/search. In other places they make less sense, but this patch ended up being a lot bigger than I expected and I didn't really want to change more blame for this.

I think the UrlbarQueryContext name was nodded to, because UrlbarContext is yet again too generic. Just sayin'.

(In reply to Mike de Boer [:mikedeboer] from comment #2)

I think the UrlbarQueryContext name was nodded to, because UrlbarContext is yet again too generic. Just sayin'.

Yeah, I too think UrlbarContext is too ambiguous.

I thought we ended up on UrlbarContext for the reasons in comment 0?

I'm in two minds about this. In some ways "Context" isn't the context for the whole urlbar (if it was, I think I'd expect it to be a singleton), it is the context for a particular query / search results. The fact it does contain other items I'm not sure matters too much - they're context for the search, and a different view could possibly vary these depending on what it fancies (silly or not(?) idea - time of day).

OK, it sounds like most of us think Query should be in the name. I think I do too.

Ayes: Mike, Dão, Me, 1/2 of Mark
Noes: Marco (I think -- maybe I misunderstood?), 1/2 of Mark

I'll post a new revision using UrlbarQueryContext.

Summary: Rename QueryContext to UrlbarContext → Rename QueryContext to UrlbarQueryContext
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I'm fine either way, go for it.

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