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Configure assembly builds of dav1d library on Windows


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Activate assembly builds of libdav1d on windows. It requires modifications in build and configuration files of libdav1d. The aim is to build and try it locally. When Bug 1511224 is landed we can test on try too.

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Build assembly files of libdav1d. It has been tested locally. I am waiting on Bug 1511224 to test on try.

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Build assembly files of libdav1d for Windows, rebased after latest changes on Bug 1515641. Still waiting on Bug 1511224.

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I have been testing today with patches from Bug 1511224. Most of the builds are green now. This is what we have so far:
plus the one fixing the win 32 builds:

We are missing only MinGW32/64 and the L10n for Windows 2012 opt 32/64.

I have tested all the binaries from try so far without an issue. Also Bryce was kind enough to test the Aarch64 binary for me which is also fine (note no ASM builds in aarch64 - that will be done on a separate bug).

Depends on: 1529305

Now that plain-opt is fixed, let's just turn off nasm on mingw32 builds for right now. I'm still working on a fix but I don't want to delay the assembly more.

We are having a green try with latest patch on Bug 1529305.

The MinGW 64 build works well.

The MinGW 32 build crashes after a few seconds. It looks like a dav1d issue. The video works for a few seconds and then crashes. I'll turn off nasm on MinGW 32 in order to move on with the assembly and will investigate the crash after.

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Configure assembly builds for libdav1d on Windows. r=TD-Linux
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