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Some items of calendar list context menu are permanently disabled


(Calendar :: Calendar Views, enhancement)

Lightning 6.8
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In calendar list context menu, some items (Remove calendar, Publish calendar, properties,...) are permanently disabled, while accessing e.g. the calendar properties dialog is still possible using the main menu.

This is a fallout from bug 1482389, which changed the behaviour of getCellAt to not support out parameters anymore but return values instead.

The only other caller of getCellAt in calendar was already converted in bug 1491269.

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Use getCellAt return values instead of output parameters; r=philipp

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::: calendar/base/content/widgets/calendar-list-tree.xml
@@ +648,5 @@
>                  aRow = aRow || {};
> +                aCol = aCol || {};
> +                let { col, row } = this.treebox.getCellAt(event.clientX, event.clientY);
> +                aCol.value = col;
> +                aRow.value = row;

Are you sure that this works?
Most other callers use let cell = tree.getCellAt() and then use cell.row and cell.col. See also .

Why do you assign to aCol.value and aRow.value if you could use col/row or (cell.col/cell.row) directly? aCol and aRow isn't passed anywhere as an object. I see they are used as out-arguments. The 2 callers could be updated easily to not access them as objects anymore (aCol.value and aRow.value).
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