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Explicitly opt in to the the tile cache when pushing a stacking context


(Core :: Graphics: WebRender, enhancement, P3)




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firefox66 --- fixed


(Reporter: bholley, Assigned: bholley)




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WebRender currently uses a hacky guess [1] to identify the picture corresponding to the top-level content document, in order to enable the tile cache. We want to make this explicit instead, both to be robust against the hack breaking, and to allow us to enable picture caching for scenes displayed via wrench.

The stacking context API is pretty unwieldy, and I'm reluctant to add yet another boolean parameter to the existing mess. So I'm doing a bit of pre-work to pass optional params via a struct, which should make it straightforward to pass the information we need to WR display list construction.


Priority: -- → P3

Depends on D17434

Pushed by
Introduce StackingContextParams to avoid death by a thousand argument. r=emilio
Make picture caching explicit. r=gw
Clip picture caching debug display to avoid overflowing the browser chrome. r=gw
Don't push an extra stacking context for iframes, and eliminate solid rect at pipeline roots. r=gw
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