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Addon native messaging: Firefox does not send the stated number of bytes.


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Steps to reproduce:

My addon communicates with a native component and frequently sends messages. The protocol for the messages is Firefox first sends 4 bytes that contain the size of the incoming msg followed by the message itself.

In about two devices so far, Firefox consistently does not send a msg of the size stated in the first 4 bytes. I have a repro available so please let me know what you'd need to investigate.

Actual results:

First four bytes of the msg specify the size to be X but msg is less than X bytes. Because I have a blocking call reading the msg on the native side, several instances of the native will not die waiting for the bytes. Using a non blocking call does not solve the problem either as the bytes never appear.

Expected results:

X bytes should be sent from Firefox. This works for 20+ firefox browsers and 100+ chrome browsers.

I can't reproduce this due to unavailable test-ware. I am placing this under Firefox: Extension Compatibility, so someone from that team can assist you with this issue. Thanks!

Component: Untriaged → Extension Compatibility

Thanks! The last time I checked I had a repro but don't how what logs would be useful or how to collect them.

Update: This is now showing up in at least 7 total devices on Firefox.

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