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Thunderbird 67.0

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Steps to reproduce:

Expand account folder and move mouse in the area inside of folder, during mouse move it will be shown horizontal lines, i.e. "Inbox", "Draft", "Sent", etc border lines become visible, normally those borders should be transparent or line-height: 0. See attached screenshot folders_issue.png.

Tested on Thunderbird 65.0b4.

Didn't see this in previous beta 3?
Does it happen in safe mode?

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This is a known Win7 only toolkit bug which is now good visible with dark theme. I'm thinking about removing the outlines which fixes this.

Yes, the same issue happens in a safe mode. I'm using TB on Win 7 64-bit SP1.

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This removes the outline on treechildren under Windows 7 and 8.

The outline was very subtle and without it it doesn't look bad (like on Windows 10 but with a gradient).

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Thanks, I'm a new to Thunderbird, is there a procedure how to apply that patch file?

You could try to unpack omni.ja with WinZIP or WinRAR in the program directory (don't change the directory structure) and the search for the correct messenger.css, there are two of them, and then apply the patch. Or you could create in your profile folder in chrome a userChrome.css with the content

treechildren::-moz-tree-row {
outline: none !important;

You can google to find the correct places.

userChrome.css in \chrome doesn't have effect, I end up editing directly messenger.css inside of omni.ja following to .git changes. Now all lines gone. Thanks a lot.

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rs=jorgk. I won't test this on Win 7/8.
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Pushed by mozilla@jorgk.com:
Remove the outline on treechildren to stop paint artifacts. r=jorgk

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