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Summary request ?summary does not work


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What did you do?

1. Go to
2. Add ?summary to get

What happened?

The full page is displayed

What should have happened?

Just the summary HTML should be displayed

Is there anything else we should know?

This is documented on:

There is code that implements this on the Kuma side:

However, it doesn't appear in the final output. A new branch is required, similar to the code to short-circuit for "raw" output:

This appears to have been broken for about four years. Another option is to remove the code and the documentation.

This would need to be fixed before bug 1148825, or that bug closed if the feature is removed.

Blocks: 1148825

Note that if you also specify the "raw" parameter, it works as expected.

Component: Wiki pages → Code Cleanup
Keywords: in-triage
Priority: -- → P5

The summary HTML is available in the page JSON, and is used to populate titles by KumaScript and by other tools:$json

The triage decision was to not spend time either fixing the code or removing the feature, but instead leave it broken. There is a slight preference to remove the feature, since it is available via $json

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Closed: 10 months ago
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