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Land rolled up commits from cedar to mozilla-central


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Firefox 67
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Massive patch incoming, unfortunately. Please read the sad tale over at bug 1524014.

This is a rollup of all the patches that have landed on the cedar project branch:
Bug 1492475 - Part 1: Migrate most, if not all nsSearchService consumers to use async APIs. r=florian
Bug 1492475 - Part 2: Move nsIBrowserSearchService.idl to toolkit/components/search/nsISearchService.idl and update references. r=florian
Bug 1492475 - Part 3: The search service init() method should simply return a Promise. r=florian
Bug 1492475 - Part 4: Remove the synchronous initialization flow. r=florian
Bug 1492475 - Part 5: Since async initialization of the search service now is implicit behavior, remove the distinctive verbiage used internally. r=florian
Bug 1492475 - Part 6: Update the cache build task to work with an actual Promise and re-initialize only once at the same time - all to fix race conditions here. r=florian
Bug 1492475 - Part 7: Make the region fetch not block the init flow, to ensure it's as fast as possible. r=florian
Bug 1492475 - Part 8: Introduce an init flag, which can only be used privately, that allows to explicitly skip waiting for the region check process to complete. r=florian
Bug 1492475 - Part 9: Update unit tests to stop using 'currentEngine', in favor of 'defaultEngine'. r=Standard8
Bug 1492475 - Part 10: Update unit tests to be fully aware of the new, async signatures of the search service API and remove sync init flow tests. r=mkaply,florian
Bug 1492475 - Part 11: Repair incorrect usage of the identifier property of nsISearchEngine instances. r=florian
Bug 1523708 - Change the search service interaction in the show-heartbeat action to use the new async API. r=florian

Assignee: nobody → mdeboer
Priority: -- → P1
Pushed by
nsISearchService (aka nsIBrowserSearchService, previously) refactor to be mostly an asynchronous, in preparation of WebExtension engines. r=daleharvey
Closed: 5 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Target Milestone: --- → Firefox 67
Depends on: 1524908
Depends on: 1525833
Depends on: 1528203
Depends on: 1492475
Depends on: 1532997
Depends on: 1537117
No longer depends on: 1537117
Regressions: 1537117
Regressions: 1555198
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