[about:addons] Confirm removing an extension before removing it (HTML)

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4 months ago
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4 months ago

When the remove button is clicked the user should be prompted to confirm their decision.

Example interaction: https://mozilla.invisionapp.com/share/W2DW6NYX9

Whiteboard: [feature-scope]

Comment 1

3 months ago

Emanuela, should we continue to offer undo support? If we do that do we need to confirm the removal?

We could potentially provide the option to undo in the "You've removed Add-on X" banner.

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Comment 2

3 months ago

My preference is to have the undo button in the banner. That way the experience of removing an extension (with a modal confirmation) is the same from the card and the browser action button.

Comment 3

3 months ago

(In reply to Amy Tsay [:amyt] from comment #2)

My preference is to have the undo button in the banner. That way the experience of removing an extension (with a modal confirmation) is the same from the card and the browser action button.

Hey, Amy, how is the experience the same if we keep the undo button in the banner? Isn't it the opposite, by adding a feature the user can't access if they remove from the toolbar?

This is how I think the flow should go:

  • Someone shows the intention to get rid of an extension by clicking remove (from the toolbar or the extensions manager, doesn't matter)
  • Firefox displays a confirmation modal (so, in case someone clicked by mistake, they can decide to go back). In the confirmation modal, we can show the option to report the extension
  • The extension is removed (if the user is in the add-ons manager, we show a confirmation in a message bar component)

Anyway, if we want to keep the Undo feature in the extensions manager, my suggestion is to display it in the message bar. It will make sense to ask Meridel or Michelle if there is a betters string for it ("Undo" doesn't sound Photon).

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Comment 4

3 months ago

I think we're saying the same thing, sort of? That a confirmation modal should show regardless of where you remove from, and to have an Undo button in the banner/message bar after removal in the add-on manager.

Ni'ing Meridel for confirmation on "Undo" wording.

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Comment 5

3 months ago

Looks like the Invision file has been archived:https://mozilla.invisionapp.com/share/W2DW6NYX9

Emanuela, can you please share with me so I can see what this looks like? Thank you.

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Comment 6

3 months ago

I have access now. I will review and comment back here on copy.

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Comment 7

3 months ago

I don't think we need both a confirmation dialogue AND an undo option. When deciding between the two, I recommend going the confirmation route for the following reasons:

-Confirmation is best suited for "destructive" actions, like removing or deleting something (as the user is doing in this case)
-Undo is best for repetitive actions, where you don't want to be interrupted in your flow (like sending sending an email and not wanting to be asked to confirm the action every time)

Emanuela also pointed out that the confirmation dialogue allows us to include the option to report the extension.

Amy, if you still feel strongly about including an "Undo" function, we could try to work it into the message bar there, but it will be harder to replicate if the user removes from extension the toolbar.

Let us know your thoughts! Thanks.

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Comment 8

3 months ago

When is this being implemented? We are working on the test protocol for abuse reporting and this should reflect the direction we decide on (confirmation vs. undo).

Comment 9

3 months ago

Results from yesterday's meeting:

  • We aligned on the modal and banner changes that will apply to both the conversion to HTML and abuse reporting.
  • In both flows, there will be a modal after clicking Remove or Disable. When abuse reporting lands, there will be a checkbox on the modal that triggers the reporting flow.
  • In both cases, a message banner shows after the modal closes. "Undo" will be a final option in both.
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2 months ago
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Comment 11

2 months ago
Pushed by mstriemer@mozilla.com:
Confirm removing an extension in HTML about:addons r=jaws

Comment 12

2 months ago
Last Resolved: 2 months ago
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Comment 13

2 months ago


  1. Enable the HTML about:addons views (extensions.htmlaboutaddons.enabled)
  2. Install an extension
  3. View the Extension list page
  4. Open the more options menu (... button)
  5. Select Remove

A confirmation dialog should be shown. Selecting Remove will uninstall the extension, Cancel will dismiss the dialog.

Comment 14

2 months ago
Posted image Bug1525092.gif

This issue is verified as fixed on Firefox 68.0a1 (20190405111221) and Firefox 67.0b8 - build2 (20190404130536)under Win 7 64-bit and Mac OS X 10.14.1.

Please see the attached video.


2 months ago
Summary: Confirm removing an extension before removing it (HTML) → [about:addons] Confirm removing an extension before removing it (HTML)
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