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Sources pane is empty when debugging extensions


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  • open about:debugging,
  • click debug for any extension,
  • select the Debugger

-> "Sources pane" is empty

Seems like a recent regression, currently looking for the regression window.

Looks like this was an issue with my Browser Toolbox profile. I accidentally turned off, maybe via the DevTools settings?

And recently the debugger started checking the pref in order to hide/show webextension sources in the debugger (release 121, PR

Two things:

  • it would be nice if the empty state for the sources pane was not a blank panel
  • we should make sure that toolboxes that want to debug addons have this pref turned on. It is a bit weird, because it is a profile setting. And maybe you don't want to see webextensions when debugging regular pages, but you still want to debug extensions from about debugging.

Maybe we need a shared helper to know if webextension sources should be visible, and it could compute that based on a combination of this preference and "is the current target a webextension".

Overall the responsibility of is a bit weird. It's mostly a client side preference (only used in the storage actor on the server).

We no longer use a dedicated profile so this is less likely to happen, especially since we force users to set to true for local extension debugging, via the "Enable extensions debugging" checkbox.

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