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"event" ping docs incorrectly reference processStartTimestamp as processCreationTimestamp


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firefox67 --- fixed


(Reporter: chutten, Assigned: ethompson, Mentored)


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There is no such thing as processCreationTimestamp in "event" pings, only processStartTimestamp

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Priority: -- → P3

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  1. Comment here on the bug that you want to volunteer to help. I (or someone else) will assign it to you.
  2. Download and build the Firefox source code
    • If you have any problems, please ask on IRC in the #introduction channel. They're there to help you get started.
    • You can also read the Developer Guide, which has answers to most development questions:
  3. Start working on this bug. You'll be editing the documentation at toolkit/components/telemetry/docs/data/event-ping.rst to read processStartTimestamp instead of processCreationTimestamp.
    • If you have any problems with this bug, please comment on this bug and set the needinfo flag for me. Also, you can find me and my teammates on the #telemetry channel on IRC most hours of most days.
  4. Build your change with mach doc and then navigate to the documentation in the opened browser window to make sure it looks nice. For comparison, here's what it looks like now:
    • Note: mach doc may not work especially well in Windows. If you'd like to contribute and are running Windows I can build the change on my machine and double-check it there.
  5. Submit the patch for review. Mark me as a reviewer so I'll get an email to come look at your code.
  6. After a series of reviews and changes to your patch, I'll mark it for checkin or push it to autoland. Your contribution will soon be shipping to Firefox users worldwide!
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Mentor: chutten
Flags: needinfo?(chutten)
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workin' on it!

changing processCreationTimestamp to processStartTimestamp

Assignee: nobody → ethompson
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changing processCreationTimestamp to processStartTimestamp r=chutten
Closed: 9 months ago
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