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Add back the telemetry probe monitoring the error messages issued by SpiderMonkey.


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Firefox 67
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Bug 1381834 removed the code which was collecting [1] the telemetry reported by are-we-documented-yet [2], which was used to document on MDN the most common error messages reported to JavaScript developers.


It seems that the best place to add the telemetry back would be to add it directly as part of the file which is listing all the code which are being monitored, which is errordocs.js , within the GetURL function [1].

However, I could not find any example of code which is doing telemetry within the devtools/server directory, I can only find examples of telemetry within the devtools client, which I presume is too late for matching the error messages keys.


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I think we can add it in the client code, I'll have a look today

Assignee: nobody → nchevobbe
Flags: needinfo?(nchevobbe)

This will be used in telemetry events. Also,
we add errorMessageName in evaluation result packets.
Stubs are generated so they include the new property.

This patch adds the DEVTOOLS_JAVASCRIPT_ERROR_DISPLAYED telemetry probe
back. It existed in the old frontend and was removed when the old
frontend was removed.
A test is added to ensure this is working correctly (and that we won't
delete it by mistake again in the future).

Depends on D18925

Priority: -- → P1
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Add `errorMessageName` in ConsoleMessage; r=bgrins.
Add back the telemetry probe monitoring the error messages issued by SpiderMonkey. r=miker
Closed: 8 months ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Target Milestone: --- → Firefox 67
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