Fix calendar-event-attendees dialog css.



17 days ago
6 days ago


(Reporter: arshad, Unassigned)





17 days ago

Fixed position is used which doesn't work well with overflow property. Some elements gets a bit chopped when dialog height is resized

Comment 1

12 days ago

Can you please be a little more verbose when filing bugs. The summary and description should written to allow another person to understand what the bug is about. If you haven't mentioned this over in bug 1509837, I never had linked this bug to that issue.

Component: Lightning Only → Dialogs

Comment 2

6 days ago

Attendees-list and freebusy-grid have fixed position and their height depends upon the height of calendar-event-attendees-dialog.xul so when the dialog is resized or the height of either of the elements mentioned above is changed, the content of those element is cut and scrollbar also doesn't show. I think removing fixed positioning and using flex/grid css layout can help us get rid of these issues.

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