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Could the FILES_PER_UNIFIED_FILES setting inherit its value from parent directories?


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I've had to push two follow-up fixes to a busted inbound tree because of non-unified build. The first one was because I didn't try FILES_PER_UNIFIED_FILES=1 in js/src/; fine. But the second one should not have happened: it is because now every subdirectory of js/src/ has its own file with its own FILES_PER_UNIFIED_FILES variable. So now, to test non-unified compilation, we need to change N+1 files where N is the number of subdirectories with their own files.

Instead, could we just have the subdirectories inherit the FILES_PER_UNIFIED_FILES variable from the parent dir? That would make it easier to test non-unified build.

(Since my goal is really to make non-unified build testing easier, anything that goes in that direction would be helpful too, independently of the chosen solution)

export in js/src/ might be able to be used for this.

Before this patch, changing FILES_PER_UNIFIED_FILES in the directory would
require changes to all the files that defined the sandbox variable, which is
a bit misleading. Exporting the variable prevents this, and it is safe to use
because it doesn't escape the scope of the js/src build directory.

Pushed by
Export FILES_PER_UNIFIED_FILES in js/src/ to avoid redefining it; r=froydnj
Move ENABLE_WASM_CRANELIFT build test in the wasm mozbuild; r=tcampbell
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