Options/preferences don't apply instantly in Thunderbird Daily

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Thunderbird Daily has in-content preferences, but at the moment they don't apply (at least not in Windows).


  1. Go to Tools > Options and change a setting that should apply instantly, e.g. the location of the start page on the General pane, or the way you forward messages on the Composition pane, General tab;
  2. Invoke the function you changed in step 1 (press Alt-Home in 3-pane view or press Ctrl+L to forward a message);
  3. See that the original setting is invoked (old start page, message still attached instead of included, etc)

(This is probably caused by the removal of the binding, but I don't have that bug number at hand to put in the dependencies.)

Forgot to add some info/background: with in-content prefs there's no more OK/Cancel button, but the changed should apply instantly. The pref browser.preferences.instantApply used to take care of this, but with mail.preferences.inContent default (and not as an option anymore) there's no way to make preferences apply at the moment

The prefs in tab always set the instantApply to true, see https://hg.mozilla.org/comm-central/diff/1f1658927d2d/mail/components/preferences/aboutPreferences.xml#l1.95. Now that we have only the in-content prefs only, we should set it on true on Windows too.

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Hmm, I can't reproduce the problem in the first place.

If I switch to inline/as attachment or change the start page URL, then invoke the function, the new value is used, after switching back to the 3pane of course.

browser.preferences.instantApply is already true, even if I switch it to false, it's set to true when I check the next time.

I don't think the patch fixes anything.

Also if it doesn't fix the issue that I'm not seeing, we should set the pref to true as default on Windows as it is set to true anyway. Then it reflects the real state.

I think for me it will fixes it after all. The setting looks user set, but it really isn't or is, but maybe too late:
When I toggle it to it's default state false and restart Daily, it looks set to true again.
When I toggled it to false and then to true again and retsarted Daily, I don't think it got stored in my prefs.js.
When I added it manually to my prefs.js as set to true, the settings do apply again:
user_pref("browser.preferences.instantApply", true);

FF doesn't use this pref in the prefs. In the prefs it's also always true. I know where is a bug around to remove this pref (bug 1325637).

Removed a #ifdef too much.

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Summary: Add-on options don't apply in Thunderbird Daily → Options/preferences don't apply instantly in Thunderbird Daily

I could not reproduce it on Linux e.g. with the start page.

But TB does use the instanApply pref in a few places, like https://searchfox.org/comm-central/source/mail/components/preferences/subdialogs.js#53 or https://searchfox.org/comm-central/source/mail/base/content/mailCore.js#487

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OK, I reproduced the problem now.
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Pushed by mozilla@jorgk.com:
Set browser.preferences.instantApply to true on all platforms. r=jorgk

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