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Messages from log points should point to the right source/location


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When seeing messages generated from a logpoint, I want to have the breakpoint’s source location referenced for the log, so that I can navigate to the file.


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Logpoints right now generate logs with 'debugger eval code'.

They should reflect the source and location of the associated breakpoint.

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This patch sends a console message with the right source information directly from the breakpoint handling code in the server, avoiding calling console.log directly.

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Oh, doing things this way also fixes a bug I noticed where creating a logpoint that throws would pause execution as if it was a normal breakpoint. Instead, the thrown exception is logged.

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It is unfortunate that this reaches through all these private fields to call `onConsoleAPICall`, but that's something we can always try to fix in the future.
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Specify correct source location in logpoint messages, r=lsmyth.

Backed out for failing xpcshell at test_framebindings-02.js

Push with failures:

Failure log:


Unfortunately, both bugs were pushed at once and I could not figure out which one is the real cause based on retriggers and revision info, reason I backed out both bugs.

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Specify correct source location in logpoint messages, r=lsmyth.
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