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[Coverity] Create a try job that performs coverity capture and analysis on m-c


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In order to sync Coverity Platform with the actual contents of our tree we need to have a try job that performs periodical captures of analysis of the builds and submits it to Coverity Platforms.
For the time being we are only interested in the linux64 target.

If it's periodical, don't you want a cron job rather than try?

There are several reasons why I would prefer a try job:

  • The build dependencies are automatically resolved
  • Every time m-c refreshes we want to start a new build

Right now I'm building it here for testing purposes and It's a pain when for example cbindgen needs update.

I mean a cron job as in

But if you want it on every m-c push, you can also just have a normal job with run_on_projects: ['mozilla-central']

Thanks for this, still I don't find an example where run_on_projects in a task definition.

Because it's run-on-projects :(

Right, you rock! Thank you!

The priority flag is not set for this bug.
:sylvestre, could you have a look please?

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No longer depends on: 1541067

The latest patch adds the possibility of having this kind of job part of try. Even though this is WIP, this is very close on moving this job from jenkins to try.

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