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Move caches from Y: to Z: on gecko windows workers


(Infrastructure & Operations :: RelOps: OpenCloudConfig, task)

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This work cannot be done yet, since it is blocked by bug 1433854.
edit: It turns out I was wrong about this (see comment 1).

However, I'm creating this bug now, since there are other bugs that depend on having caches and task folders on the same drive.

So I'll try to attend to bug 1433854 first, and when that is solved, we can look into this bug.

Blocks: 1519472
No longer blocks: 1519472
Blocks: 1527313

I've just spoken to :grenade and it turns out that OCC works around bug 1433854 already with the following code:

Therefore bug 1433854 is no longer a blocker to this bug, which is great, as I'm about to go on PTO for a week! :-)

No longer depends on: 1433854

As per comment 1, we no longer format Z: drive between tasks, so removing the format is not needed after all.

Summary: Move caches from Y: to Z: and don't format Z: between tasks → Move caches from Y: to Z: on gecko windows workers

:grenade has kindly offered to implement this change as part of bug 1524592

Closed: 2 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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