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Forwarded emails time out on DATA without QUIT


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Steps to reproduce:

Noticed that an existing message filter (working correctly for years) that forwards certain emails to others stopped working in December, 2018. I have confirmed that this was working fine prior to 12/20/2018, which, coincidentally or not, is when TB version 60.4.0 was released.

Actual results:

When auto-forwarding an email based on a long time existing message filter, email server never receives a QUIT after DATA, so the email eventually gracefully closes without sending.

Expected results:

TB should send a QUIT, telling the server to proceed with the processing of the email.

Component: Untriaged → Networking: SMTP
Product: Thunderbird → MailNews Core

Reporter, Not sure if the problem is lack of QUIT being sent. My understanding of QUIT is that it just tells the server it is OK to close the connection and it doesn't trigger the email send, but I could be wrong.

Is the log you attached from the smtp mail server or from thunderbird logging, i.e., MOZ_LOG=SMTP:5 ?. Maybe create and attach a corresponding tb SMTP log would help? (Google: thunderbird log.)

Anyhow, I will research this further, try it, and see if any changes have occurred in that area of the code.

In tb 60.4.0 I just set up a filter to forward a message to another account on receipt of a message containing certain subject. It seems to work fine for me.

I also recorded the SMTP log using MOZ_LOG=SMTP:5 and MOZ_LOG_FILE=/home/gene/smtp.log env. vars. and have attached the annotated log. It shows me manually sending the message and then the filter forwarding the message. In both cases the QUIT command occurs. I haven't checked it with wireshark but it appears that the SMTP servers initiate the disconnect (FIN) on receipt of the QUIT.

Please attach a log recorded at your location showing similar activity. Thanks.

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