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Consider relaxing the exception-throwing semantics of window.localStorage when a privacy check fails


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Go to The page fails to load with a SecurityError exception on some JS like this:

G = window.localStorage || null

Perhaps we should consider making this code pattern work.

Keywords: dev-doc-needed
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Stop throwing an exception from window.localStorage when a privacy check fails; r=baku
Closed: 11 months ago
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Steven, do you mind noting this change of behaviour in our documentation please? Thanks!

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I think this change is harmful, as the new behavior is not mentioned anywhere in the official specification. Actually, It breaks my logic of detecting whether a given storage object is available:

let storage: Storage;
try {
  storage = getStorage();
  if (!storage)
    // Since Firefox 67, `window.localStorage` no longer throws `SecurityError` when blocked due to privacy settings
    // Source:
    throw new DOMException(
      'Failed to read storage object: Access is denied for this document.',
} catch (error) {
  if (errorCallback) errorCallback(error);

// I would like to use the storage from here, with exception handling for `setItem` calls
const foo = storage.getItem('foo');

(I do not intend to test the storage management mechanism, e.g. getItem and setItem)

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Kristóf, thank you for raising this, and my apologies that this change has impacted you negatively.

I did some investigation on this, here is some data:

  • The original problem doesn't reproduce any longer.
  • The new Chromium-based Edge which is shipping something very close to ETP doesn't have this work-around, and if it did and the original bug came back then would fail on Edge.
  • It seems like Blink and WebKit both throw SecurityError here.

So I'm going to revert this change as clearly there's no good justification for keeping it any more.

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Resolution: FIXED → ---
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Updated the site compatibility note to say the change has been reverted with Firefox 70.

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