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Rewrite NameFunctions.cpp to use ParseNodeVisitor


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I tried making ParseNodeVisitor take all nodes as references, but that didn't
work nicely with the existing accept() method templates. That could have been
made to work using more template tricks, but I decided pointers are not so bad.

There still was no way to avoid the code duplication here without contortions.

Depends on D20715

The Expr suffix is for nodes that can appear anywhere an expression could
appear. This kind of node can't; it's always the direct child of a tagged

Depends on D20716

This is meant as a sanity patch. Before, buf_ was a pointer to a local
variable, set in resolveFun() and just left dangling on exit. No bug, but
dangling pointers are bad.

I considered removing buf_ and passing around a reference to the local
StringBuffer, but this was quicker and seemed easier to review.

Depends on D20718

This may lose some tiny amount of performance since the existing code
duplicated a huge amount of code in order to avoid walking bits of the tree
that can't contain functions. I preserved a few of those hacks but some of the
bits seemed too small to bother with.

The expression nparents_ - 1 is changed to nparents_ - 2 because, as a
result of how ParseNodeVisitor control flow works, we now call gatherNameable
after pushing the current FunctionNode to the stack, rather than before.
(A new assertion checks that this is the case.)

Depends on D20719

Pushed by
Part 1: Fix misleading name in existing ParseNodeVisitor code. r=khyperia
Part 2: Rename ParseNodeVisitor::cx to cx_. r=khyperia
Part 3: Split out ParseNodeVisitor and RewritingParseNodeVisitor. r=khyperia
Part 4: Rename ParseNodeKind::CallSiteObjExpr to CallSiteObj. r=khyperia
Part 5: Style tweaks to existing NameFunctions code. r=khyperia
Part 6: Reuse a single StringBuffer in NameResolver. r=khyperia
Part 7: Rewrite NameFunctions.cpp to use ParseNodeVisitor. r=khyperia
Assignee: nobody → jorendorff
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