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ArenasToUpdate::shouldProcess is dead code


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firefox68 --- fixed


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It is declared but unimplemented. It should also be removed from a comment.

Mentor: sphink
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Keywords: good-first-bug
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Dear Fink, This would be my first time with Mozilla. Could you please guide me on the setup process/where to look at ? I have built a nightly build on Ubuntu earlier, so I would just like to know where in the code base I should start ?

Hi ragavendrakumar1994, a great way to get someone's attention on bugzilla is to click the "need info" checkbox, but I can answer for sfink. In the textbox you can type ":sfinK" to search for sfink or :pbone for myself etc.

First you can use, it's a search engine for the Firefox code base. it says the code you're looking for (in the title of the bug) is here:

Here is a bonus tip:

Because this code is in js/src/ you probably don't need to build firefox to test it. Try these instructions:

I suggest using ./configure --enable-debug --enable-optimize most of the time.

There's some instructions for running some tests locally there too.

This is a really simple change, if it were more complex I'd also suggest running it through our cloud testing stuff:

Here's some general info:

Can I try this one?

Hi Valshnavi, You can take it if ragavendiakumar doesn't want it. Let's wait a week for them to reply to this.

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Dear Paul Bone, My sincere apologies for the late reply, this is not my usual promptness, and thank you for taking the time to explain this in detail. However, I'm occupied (with other coursework) now and I don't think I can follow this up end to end, given that I haven't made any contributions yet. I will try a different bug next time.

Dear Vaishnavi Kaulagi, Please go ahead and fix this one when you get a chance.

Thanks again to both of you for considering to wait for me.


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Hi, I'm an Outreachy applicant. Can I work on this?

This leads to a blank line in the code.

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ArenasToUpdate::shouldProcessKind() removed

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ArenasToUpdate::shouldProcess is dead code r=sfink

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