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Investigate changing the data: icons from the .xml files to separate files


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We should investigate if changing the search engine icons embedded as data: urls directly in the .xml files is worth it. (e.g.: converting from [1] to [2]). Some, but not all engines, are already like this.

The theoretical advantages are:

  • Search service initialization can be faster because the .xml files will be smaller
  • Image data won't be loaded for engines that are not used
  • Less data to send to the content process when it needs it (just a resource:// path and not the full data string-fied)

Mkaply said that there are plans to move these engines to webextensions, so I wonder how these two tasks would interact. The benefits of this also depends on how effective bug 1529380, bug 1529969 and bug 1529979 will be, and if the handoff-to-awesomebar feature of about:newtab will stick.

The effort looks really simple at the moment, but we need to make sure the improvement is not negligible.


Dale, can you tell me a little bit about the work going on to move these to webextensions?

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The bug to in +

Web extensions require their icons to be local files inside the extension so there will be no icons in data uris once this patch lands

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Ah great, thanks. I see that the patches in bug 1496075 are doing this, so I'll mark this as a duplicate

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Duplicate of bug: 1496075
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