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Change "good signed message" icon to use a green seal, not a red seal


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Thunderbird 76.0


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Today, the icons used for
"message with good digital signature"
"message with bad digital signature"
both use a letter icon, together with "something in red color".

Good uses a small red circle in the middle of the letter.
Bad uses a larger red circle with a white X inside it.

Is this sufficiently different to allow users to notice?

If a user is able to see color, and relies on seeing the expected color, might the user fail to notice the difference?


Change the "good digital signature" icon to use a green circle for the seal (not red).


Indeed, this is odd using a red seal, even if "historically correct", it doesn't communicate trust and success to the user.
Can I see it in context with a screenshot?
I wonder if we could improve them even more by using our Photon icons.

Attached image signedMessage.png

This is how a signed and encrypted message looks. Not really Photonish icons.

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Wow, we forgot about this for 6 months...

I don't know if anyone will have time to work out new icons, so I suggest to start with a minimal first step. I've used an image editor to replace the red color with green color (including the shades).

I'll upload the new icons and a patch.

Attached image replacement - green - hdrSignOk.png (obsolete) —
Attachment #9133720 - Attachment description: hdrSignOk.png → replacement - green - hdrSignOk.png
Attached image green - sbSignOk.png (obsolete) —

We also have smaller icons which might be shown on a status bar.

Attached image hdrSignOk.png

The same icon but PNGoptimised - size 36% of your icon.

Attachment #9133720 - Attachment is obsolete: true
Attached image sbSignOk.png

The same icon but PNGoptimised - size 27% of your icon.

Attachment #9133721 - Attachment is obsolete: true

Richard, we have 6 icons in total. How did you process those icons?

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(The reason is that we have separate files for linux/mac/win)

I think we should unify these file, but this could do Alessandro later (this is why I hate Phab because the conversation there isn't visible here). I'm using PNGOptimizer It's available for Linux and Windows.

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I'll push the patch that Alessandro reviewed, and file a separate bug to get the icons unified and compressed.

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Change "good signed message" icon to use a green seal, not a red seal. r=aleca

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