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Enable DMD by default when it is possible


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Bug 1409739 enabled DMD on nightlies. Consequently, there is no reason it shouldn't be enabled in local builds, and anywhere else where it can.

And remove the manual --enable-dmd in in-tree mozconfigs, as well as
--enable-profiling, which is implied by --enable-dmd.

This disables DMD on add-on-devel builds, which don't look like they
were actually meant to have DMD enabled in the first place (they only do
because they use the nightly mozconfig on all branches, and as a matter
of fact, the nightly mozconfig didn't enable DMD before bug 1409739)

This enables DMD on mingw builds with the same conditions applied as
other platforms, meaning that it's not enabled on opt builds on release

And this enables DMD on plain builds, which, from this perspective,
reflect local developer builds, and this is the expected effect.

Depends on D21161

I'm working on the GWP-ASAN stuff at the moment and it's implemented as a replace-malloc tool. Will enabling DMD unconditionally cause problems there? And will logalloc still be usable?

Flags: needinfo?(mh+mozilla)

Replace-malloc still works when DMD is enabled. DMD is one replace-malloc library after all :) (also, this only enables building it, something is till needed to enable it at runtime)

Flags: needinfo?(mh+mozilla)
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Set SmokeDMD compiler flags depending on compiler type rather than target OS. r=mshal
Enable DMD by default when possible. r=mshal
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